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In short Pivotshopping.com is basically an online shopping mall, as in we are the mall lending out boutiques to certain businesses. You the user as in the buyer or person interested in products, can use our platform to find new and amazing products, of which have all been listed by businesses and brands from all around the world. The businesses pay a small fee to have their products listed on our site. So basically you can use our site as your "at home sitting in the couch" shopping mall. You can comfortably sit at home in your favorite pyjamas and search or shop for products, as if you were walking around your own local shopping mall. Only all the products you see here are from all over the world. On our site we don't sell, we share, meaning if you find a product you are interested in. Simply click the image or it's title and you will be taken to the brand's or business's own website, where you can then buy their product.
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