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This site is for all our press information, if you are interested in anything press related you should be able to find it here. If you are missing any material you would like, please send an email to press@pivotshopping.com and we will get it for you. That email can also be used for anything else press related, whether it be a comment, interview etc.

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"The idea for Pivotshopping was created, when I started my first clothing brand and had a need to show off the products. I was annoyed by the fact that most websites, who display products, either charge big premium fees or have a very specific selection, often times only including already known brands."

"When I started I had three specific criteria for the site, #1 it had to be a price point at which everyone can participate either a small one person brand or a large business. #2 everyone should somehow be able to get exposure, not just hidden in the "grey part" of a website, #3 everyone is welcome, no matter if it is a product a service or the kind of niche."

"It is no secret that Pivotshopping is slightly inspired by the idea of the original milliondollarwebsite, the concept of listing a bunch of products and services in one place. Creating a different kind of shopping experience, where you maybe don't know exactly what you are looking for, but simply want the experience and ability to discover products of which maybe you usually wouldn't."

- Frederik Weiskleint

For more information about Frederik, please follow this link to the official Frederik Weiskleint website. F. Weiskleint

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