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User and visitor privacy information

Our users and visitors privacy is of utmost importance and therefor we try to track as little as possible. The information gathered from brands, businesses and people who display products on our site is limited to names, locations and contact information. Any payment information is done through tokens and we are never in possesion of any kind of confidential user information. It is all encrypted and done virtually without our help. For visitors of the site, who view products and make use of the site, the only information we collect may be a token to be able to follow our traffic and keep track of user activity. But that is it, we don't collect any other information and you can be assured that we take privacy serious and want to make sure our users can feel as comfortable as possible. Once again, think of us as a shopping mall, we have security cameras inside, but once you leave you are all to yourself and we won't keep anymore track of you. It is only for yours and our security, nothing else.
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